Daniel Uphoff – Owner/Producer/Engineer Matthew Seay – Producer/Engineer:

Dan and Matt have been playing, writing, and collaborating on music together for over 20 years. Their experience, knowledge, and understanding of music, combined with their constant drive and motivation, make them the team you want working on your project. Their combined skills and expertise cover a wide range of instruments and musical styles, making them capable of making every project a success. Dan and Matt have spent years studying and learning the recording arts through many different avenues. They have trained with many professional producers and engineers, and have gained invaluable experience recording, mixing and producing hundreds of artists over the years. They are still always continuing to develop their craft to maintain the always-evolving professional standards of the industry. Daniel holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Music with a Minor in General Business from Virginia Commonwealth University. Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Longwood University.