How much does it cost per song?:
It really all depends on the music and the genre. There are a lot of factors that go into it, such as how complicated is the music, how many parts are there to record, how well-rehearsed are you on the material, how long are the songs, how many repeating parts are there, etc. It also depends on what level of production you’re looking for. On average with bands, for a typical 3-4 minute song with full production, it takes about 20 total hours per song. For serious projects that involve full production, we often will offer a set price per song. Simpler projects such as hip-hop, R&B, solo acoustic/piano, karaoke, etc. are typically estimated around 4 hours per song.

What days of the week are you available to record and what are your hours of operation?:
We do not have a regular set of business hours, nor do we have specific days of the week that we are open or closed. Recording sessions can be scheduled any day of the week, and are completely dependent on the client’s availability, as well as the studio’s available dates and times. Recording time can take place anywhere between 8am and 10pm. Please keep in mind when booking that weekends tend to fill up the quickest.

How many hours can I record in a day, and do you do day rates?:
We do not offer rates per day, all work is done on the hourly rate. We typically will not schedule sessions for any more than 10 hours in a day. Any sessions scheduled for longer than 4 hours will require a one hour lunch break (you will not be charged during the break).

What’s the average wait time to get into the studio?:
It depends on the style and complexity of the music. On average, our availability for a band recording an EP or full-length is about one month wait time. For singles and most shorter projects (such as R&B and Hip-hop), we can sometimes get you in sooner to at least start your project.

Can I get a tour of the studio?:
Absolutely, we just ask that you schedule an appointment first; just shoot us an email or give us a call. We can usually fit in a studio tour around ongoing sessions, so you won’t have to wait very long. Please DO NOT show up to the studio without an appointment. You must contact us in advance if you are interested in a tour. Serious inquiries only.

Are you accepting internships or hiring new employees?:
At this time we are not accepting any internships or applications. There may be opportunities for this in the future, so stay in touch if you are interested.

Which engineer will be recording my project?:
We are rarely both present for normal tracking sessions, as most sessions are run by one engineer. You could be recording exclusively with either Dan or Matt, or you may see them both equally. Both engineers contribute to tracking and editing/post-production, and no matter what, you’re always in good hands with a qualified engineer. We are both always putting in every effort to make your project sound as good as possible.

Will you be producing my project?:
Our job is to make sure your music sounds as good as possible within the style you are looking for. When you think of a producer as in someone that works with major label artists, they’re job is often to help the artist write, re-write, and orchestrate the material so that it sounds as marketable as possible. We usually do produce each project to a certain extent by offering creative suggestions at no extra cost. However, unless it is specifically agreed on ahead of time, we don’t completely re-write your music. We offer suggestions and expertise on what sounds, tones, and equipment will be best for your style, and will often suggest or include additional production aspects to your music. You are free to bring in your own producer, and there is no extra charge for that; just please notify us ahead of time. We do offer a service of actually helping to write/orchestrate music for your project. Between the two of our musical capabilities across many instruments, and experience in midi production, we can create almost any type of sound you are looking for. For example, if you’re a singer/songwriter and you want a full band accompaniment for your recording, we can help you to write and record that. This obviously takes more time for us to help write, as well as record your project; so please contact us in advance to work out the details.

Can I record a project myself or at another studio and just have you mix it?:
Yes, definitely. We only work in Pro Tools, so this works best if you’re also recording in ProTools so all of your session data will transfer. However, we can mix projects recorded with other software with the same great results, it is just a little more time consuming to bring the files into our Pro Tools sessions, and some of the session data may not all transfer. If possible, contact us before you start tracking as there are a lot of little things you can do that will make it smoother and easier for us.

What’s the next step after I receive the final mix?:
We’re not happy with your project until you are. Once you receive the final mix from us, you may contact us with a list of mix tweaks and adjustments. We do these for no extra charge, unless the changes are very time-consuming (any additional tracking done after the final mix is completed will be charged at the normal rate). The easiest way is for you to send us an email with the times noted for each tweak. We continue to pass your project back and forth, making adjustments until you are fully satisfied with it.

Do you do mastering?:
Yes. Mastering is highly recommended, and for all serious projects it is a must; as it can greatly improve on the final quality of your product. We do offer mastering as a service, and if we are already mixing your project, then there is no extra charge for us to master it as well. For some projects we will recommend to outsource the mastering to other engineers/studios. This is a standard process in recording because it can be highly beneficial to have the final treatment on a project done by someone with fresh ears, and a fresh perspective. We work closely with other mastering engineers/studios, and will handle all of the file transfers for you. If you have a certain mastering engineer or studio in mind that you wish to use, that is fine too. Outsourcing the mastering is an extra cost. Also, please do not just send your final mixes from us to someone for mastering. The files need to be in a certain format for proper mastering, and we can give you the master-ready files at no extra cost.

Is there time for me to finish writing in the studio?:
When we book sessions, we are estimating how long it will take to track the material you have written. Unless it is agreed upon before hand, we DO NOT factor in time for writing music or lyrics in the studio. Please have all music and lyrics fully written and well-rehearsed before your scheduled sessions. Of course there’s always room to experiment and try new things in the studio, but the main parts of your music should be ready to go.

Do you do sound work for video?:
Yes, but we only work in audio, and do not do any video editing. Please contact us for details.

What happens if I am late to a session?:
We often balance many different projects at once, and must keep a tight schedule for the studio. When we schedule a session start time, that is when we are at the studio, ready to work on your project. In other words, the clock starts when we are scheduled to start, not when you show up. Also, because we do usually keep such a tight schedule, if you arrive more than a couple minutes early, you might not be admitted into the studio yet.

Can I rent out the studio?:
No, the studio is not available for rent. Dan and Matt are the only ones permitted to operate the equipment.

Are there sleeping arrangements at the studio?:
No, but there are plenty of affordable hotels in the area.

Where can I get something to eat nearby?:
There is practically every major chain of restaurant you can think of within a 5 mile radius of the studio, as well as many delicious local restaurants. You may bring back food to the studio and eat in the lounge.

Is smoking allowed in the studio?:
Absolutely not. You may smoke outside.

Where can I hear samples of your work?:
We have music samples under the “Audio” tab at the top of this page.