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Backing Tracks

Posted on June 30th, by Matt Seay in Recording. Comments Off on Backing Tracks

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Many artists use what are called “Backing Tracks” to enhance their lives shows. Backing tracks are essentially audio or MIDI recordings that musicians play or sing along with in order to add parts to their music which would otherwise be impractical to perform live. These can be anything from keyboard and synth sounds to added vocal harmonies and MIDI samples. When using backing tracks the band must play to a click. We can provide these tracks for our clients who have recorded with us or recorded elsewhere in a professional sounding studio. A common way of incorporating these tracks live is to pan the click to one side and the backing tracks to the other side. The click will be sent to the drummers earphones and the tracks will be sent to the front of house soundboard (FOH).

Our schedule is getting filled for the summer so if you’re interested in getting into the studio by the fall please contact us to set up dates as soon as possible. Also, we still have time-slots available for drum lessons. If you’re interested, simply reply to this email for more info.

Recording 101 – Drum Mics

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We use a variety of mics when recording drums in our studio. There are plenty of different styles and brands used to capture the sounds of each individual piece of a kit. Here are the most commonly used mics for drums within the industry. Typically for a snare you will find studios using the SM57 on the top. For toms, the Sennheiser 421 is the staple. The kick drum can be captured using a AKG D112, Shure Beta 52, Audix D6, Shure Beta 91, Electro Voice RE20, and the Yamaha SubKick. A common choice is to use a pair of AKG 414’S, Neuman KM184’s, or Shure Sm 81’s for micing the overheads. Whenever possible, 2 large diaphragm condenser stereo mics should be used at room mics for drums.

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Working with up and coming artists

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We have been active over here at Full Circle working with all types of new artists and genres. From CNU’s 20 person a cappella group, USounds, to the solo hip-hop mastery of Deadrong, we get an eclectic mix through our doors! One of our recent favorites is a progressive art rock band called “One Truth” hailing from Richmond, VA. One Truth are finishing up their full-length album in our studio and it’s very colorful and diverse in sound! Here’s the video for the single “Inferno” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RAY8iMy7Kg) , creatively filmed by RVA based Altimira Film Co. (http://altamirafilm.co/)

We are happy to be working alongside some very talented female artists lately. Rosie Soul and the Rock & Roll Cowboys, voted Richmond’s Best Rock Band 3 years in a row , have started recording tracks for their new record at Full Circle. We recently linked up with the award winning, Nashville recording artist Katelyn McCarter and have been working on live music production for her upcoming summer and fall shows.