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Full Circle Recording is a professional facility with industry-standard equipment and microphones. Each room is ideally treated for proper acoustics, ensuring that all audio is captured clearly.

All audio is recorded digitally in Pro Tools, the professional recording standard. 

I choose to record each part for every song individually, one at a time. That ensures that every aspect of the music is being performed at its best, and has the best possible tone.

Every project will also utilize a metronome for keeping everything in time. If you don’t know the tempos to your songs, I will work through your demos to help you find the best tempos to use for recording.

You’re always welcome to bring in your own gear, and I also have a solid pro collection of drums/amps/guitars/keyboards/etc that are always available.


I am not here to just press the record button. If I think your music can be improved, I will suggest an idea. If I think you can perform better, I will tell you to record it again. I will offer contributions and coach you through a performance when necessary. This is one of the main reasons I have so much repeat business, because the artists I work with value that I care about their music and am genuinely trying to make it as good as possible. 

I want your music to sound like you, but the best version of you. My goal is to always make sure we are reaching your fullest potential. That’s why I oversee every aspect of your music with the greatest attention to detail.

Some projects require more assistance than others, but in every case I’m always listening and working to make your music the best it can be.


For projects that require studio session players, Full Circle Recording has options for that.

Many artists are solo singer/songwriters that only play one instrument, but want their music to be filled out with more parts. Whether it’s adding a few supporting parts, or a full backing band, we can help write, arrange and record the additional parts you need to bring your full vision to life.

Dan plays drums, percussion and keyboards. Matt plays acoustic & electric guitars and bass. Many other parts can be programmed with virtual instruments, or we can help bring in more specialized session players. In any case, we can cover what you need.


The goal when recording is to capture the best possible performances across the board. But every project will still require different degrees of editing to perfect details in the performances and make each part tightly in sync with each other.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, every project recorded at Full Circle Recording will also go through editing, as this is a big part of my process for crafting the audio to professional standards. 

This includes processes such as drum quantizing, drum sample triggering, comping & editing for all instruments, midi editing, vocal comping, vocal layers alignment, and vocal tuning.


Mixing is so much more than just turning volumes up and down. This is a complex and serious craft that requires an experienced and professional ear to bring the most out of your audio tracks. 
I’ve been mixing for over 15 years and utilize top-of-the-line plug-ins in Pro Tools to craft professional mixes every time. 
By default, I mix every project recorded at Full Circle Recording.
But you don’t have to record here to utilize my mixing services. I’m very experienced mixing projects recorded elsewhere. Whether it’s another professional studio, or just in your bedroom; if you have the files, I can help you make it sound good. 
If you’re planning on hiring me to mix your project but haven’t started recording yet, let me know in advance, as I can provide a list of best practices to follow while recording that will help tremendously in the post production process.


Mastering is the final coat of polish that is applied after mixing, to ensure your music sounds as good as possible and is ready for distribution.

I handle all mastering at Full Circle Recording on a project-by-project basis. Some projects that I mix, I will also master by default, and you will not be charged extra. However, for many other projects I strongly recommend we outsource the mastering for best results. In these cases, I work with other professional mastering engineers I trust to get the best results for your music. Outsourcing the mastering will result in an additional relatively small fee.

I typically do not provide mastering as a stand-alone service. 

Ready to make music you are proud of?